Today’s Hotmess Hottie is Yvonne!! We love Yvonne and she is an amazing part of, not only our Hotmess family, but The Vault Family as well!!

I am more than my body… the changes!

I found Hotmess through my daughter dancing on Kaos at The Vault. I had seen Tia’s posts about starting up a workout class, but I just couldn’t commit to 5 am. I have always been seen as that skinny girl who could eat whatever she wanted and did not have to workout. I started to realized I was not setting a good example to my children. I always viewed myself as an active mother and in the future wanted to be an active grandmother. So it was time for some changes.

I asked my niece and cousin to join me in Hotmess because I knew I would need a support team. I used them as my excuse of why I was starting a workout class because I knew my husband’s response was you’ll never stick with it. My niece loved to workout and my cousin had just moved down to Southern Utah and could make new friends. We soon found ourselves lining up at 6 am in a dark parking lot just to claim our spots in the next Hotmess session. My husband would tell people how much I had changed since I started Hotmess and soon I had many of my closest friends joining me each morning along with all the other Hotmess sisters I had made. Through my two years with Hotmess I have learned to be more positive, I have taught my children the value in service, I have worked on not putting myself last and taking the time to work on me so I can be a better wife, mom, daughter, friend, and teacher. I have gained weight and lost body fat! I have ran a half marathon! I have gained a Hotmess family!

Hotmess has taught me not to view my body the way the outside world views bodies. I am more than my body. Through Tia’s positive affirmations I have learned to accept myself, I am compassionate, I am strong, I am beautiful, and I can do hard things! There is so much more to the human body that we never get in touch with or give credit to and that is what the Hotmess purpose is truly about.

Thanks for sharing Yvonne!! We love you!!