**Registration for the next in studio Hotmess session is December 2nd (4-6pm)& 3rd (7-9am) at The Vault!!
**Courage for Calum concert coming up on December 16th & 17th at Hurricane High School!! Dinner starts at 5 followed by shows by our Vault dancers and Kalamity & Kaos!! Bake sale and silent auction will also be going on to raise money for Calum!!

We have all been blessed with talents. I believe those talents are given to us from God above as a way to bless the lives of those around us. If we have been given our talents to bless the lives of those around us what good does it do to keep them to ourselves? No good at all!!

There are as many talents out there as there are people. Everyone has their own unique ability to help someone else. What if there was one person out there that needed your specific talent to touch them and change them for the better? Wouldn’t you want to get out there are share it?

Hotmess Fitness isn’t the only thing that goes on in our studio. It started as a dance studio where we dance for a cause (our Hotmess sisters have even joined in).


Hotmess dancing for our cause!!

Each year we pick a cause and we rehearse, perform, serve, and pray for our cause. We have benefit concerts where all the proceeds go right to our cause and their family to help with medical expenses or whatever they need. Dancing isn’t the most likely of talents that can be shared in serving others, but we have found a way to make it happen. Serving and sharing our talents is so important to us at The Vault. Every thing we do is with service in mind. From the youngest dancers up to oldest, we all dance for a cause.


The serving and talent sharing mindset is also a part of Hotmess. Some serve by sharing their talent for cooking and share a meal with a sister in need. Some serve with their talent of encouraging others. Some have a talent for finding just the right songs to inspire and motivate us.

Every talent is needed, every person is needed. One of the most beautiful things about Hotmess is watching a woman come in thinking she has nothing to offer and then seeing her blossom and realize she has so many gifts and talents to share with those around her. She sees that what she has to offer is beneficial to others and she is eager to bless the lives of those around her by sharing her God given talents.

When we step outside of ourselves and share our talents with others we not only bless their lives, but we are blessed for sharing out talents with them!! Remember how we talked about “going to bed on ‘E’ every night”? We do that by sharing our talents!!