Let’s talk counting calories, crash diets, and skipping meals.

In a world where we are made to feel like we are less than because we aren’t a certain size it sure is easy to get caught up in the lie that we have to keep track of every bite we take and count every calorie that passes through our lips if anything is going to change. We see pictures of people that have jumped on the band wagon of the latest fad diet and we can’t help but consider it for ourselves. If we aren’t careful we find ourselves buying into the lie that we are told.

You are amazing and no amount of weight loss or weight gain is going to change that!!

Counting calories and keeping track of food may be a good jump start, but in the end it is much better to be healthy than to be a certain size. When we let the counting of calories take over we lose sight of the end goal. We start obsessing and we find ourselves believing that the numbers matter. Life isn’t enjoyable when we live by the calories. The focus needs to be on health and eating better rather than eating what we want as long as it fits in our calorie count for the day. In the end we start stressing about the numbers and that isn’t healthy at all. It is sad to see someone give up their power to the calories. So take back your power and don’t let calorie counting own you!!

Along with counting calories comes the temptation to skip meals. You hear all the time people saying they’ll skip lunch so they can enjoy dinner. Or going to bed without dinner because they went a little crazy at lunch. Or people skipping breakfast so they can eat what they want the rest of the day. That isn’t healthy either! Our bodies need a consistent intake of healthy food. When we skip meals it messes up our metabolic rate and can be harmful to our bodies. When we eat at regular intervals it is much more effective in a healthy weight loss and much better for our amazing bodies!

Crash diets are terrible ideas because they are all about losing a lot of weight very quickly. That is also harmful for our bodies. As we lose weight our bodies need time to adjust. If we lose massive amounts very quickly our bodies can’t keep up, we grow tired, and will most likely give up. Most crash diets don’t allow enough food to keep our bodies going for an extended period of time. We may make it a few days, but eventually our bodies will show signs of needing more. That is why crash diets don’t work. Sure we lose weight fast, but there is no way we can sustain it long term. Our bodies need more to keep them going and then we find we are gaining the weight back. 1-2 pounds of weight released each week is recommended. Plus crash diets are all about weight loss and we know that that isn’t what makes us happy!! Loving our bodies for what they are and being grateful for all they can do is a much better way to find happiness than any crash diet out there!!

The bottom line is we need to get out of the mindset that it is all about how we look. Eating healthy isn’t about the cosmetics, it is about achieving and maintaining a level of health that will help prolong and enrich our lives. The only way to do this is to eat healthy, whole foods. To cut out a lot of sugar and to work on nourishing our bodies rather than just feeding them.

The holidays are upon us and it is no secret that means food and treats. And guess what, that is ok. Enjoy them, but do your best to make good decisions and don’t let yourself feel guilty.