Today we get to hear from Angel!! We love Angel and she incredible spirit!!


For about one year now, friends of mine have been (unsuccessfully) attempting to recruit me to Hot Mess.  I dropped in one day last spring to “observe,” and was pulled right into a workout in session (in my jeans and all – totally unprepared, both in dress and emotionally).

Repeating the affirmations that Tia shouts out, “I am worth it!”  “I love my life!” And, “Life loves me!”  clashed internally with the negative core beliefs I was harboring, and created an emotional tidal wave.

I had to step out toward the end of class and allow the tidal wave to wash over me.

Another “Hotmess Hottie” came to my side to show compassion and support.

“This is NOT what I intended a workout to be like!”  I thought.  But it was clearly where I wanted to be – when the timing was right.  At that moment, I was neither physically, mentally, nor emotionally able to continue attending regularly, because of the TOTAL exhaustion on all of those levels, that I was experiencing in my life.

However, the impact of that one class stuck in my heart and I worked all summer to rid myself of those negative beliefs and prepare to make a COME BACK!

In October, I was ready and Tia was there with open arms, as were the other 9:30 Tues/Thurs Hotties!

It is really hard to get back into fitness after a 3+ year hiatus.  It’s tough to workout while carrying an extra 40 lbs, too…but I love the environment, I love the after effects, and I love the people Tia attracts.

Yesterday, I invited a bunch of special women in my life to drop in and experience Hotmess for themselves.  Several of them came!!!!  I gave each one in the class a plumeria hair clip from Hawaii – a traditional sign of the islands, in honor of Tia’s heritage, and the genuine “Aloha Spirit” that  I feel when I attend Hot Mess.

I look forward to the new year, to continuing Hot Mess, and to bringing other women into the “Ohana” (Hawaiian for “family”).

“Mahalo” (“Thank You”)  to all who encouraged me to join and to all who encourage me during every class.

And to Tia, “Aloha Nui Loa,” (“All My Love,”)


Love you Angel!!