One of my favorite “I am” phrases in Hotmess is “I am POWERFUL!!” For a long time I felt powerless. Hotmess helped bring my power back into my life. As I conquered different fears and perceived limitations I learned that there truly is so much power in me.

One thing that helped foster that growth of power was my posture. Standing up straighter is a natural side effect of feel confident and powerful. We have all heard “fake it til you make it” so why not do the same with this. Stand a little taller, chances are you will feel that extra bit of confidence.

Amazing things happen when we show ourselves acceptance.

When we are ashamed or lacking confidence in ourselves we tend to slouch. To try to hide ourselves (maybe even disappear) and to avoid attention (I did both). We feel low, and our body language keeps up there. We say our Hotmess declarations each day to remind ourselves that we are amazing and we are powerful. That we are enough and we do deserve all the good things. Practicing good posture helps us do the same thing!! We are showing our body that we believe all those things and that we aren’t ashamed.

So the next time you are our running errands or talking with friends put your shoulders back. Hold your chin a little higher and see how you feel!!