It is relatively easy to get yourself going when you know people are counting on you or expecting you to be somewhere, right? When you know others will be there and supporting you the amount of motivation it takes to get it done is a lot easier to come by than when you know it is up to you and you alone to make something happen.

Hotmess is hard. But we prove to ourselves that we can do hard things. The friendship and the love makes it easier to come and work hard. Props to the online ladies, the motivation to do it on your own is hard to come by sometimes.

“You did not wake up today to be mediocre!”

Today’s tip is about finding what motivates you. Is it your family? Being a better you? Your health? Or is it just your sanity? Or maybe it is all of these and more. You have to find a way to light the fire and keep it going. We all know we feel better when we take care of ourselves so keep fighting to motivate yourself. It is a hard fight and those excuses are good at finding a way to wiggle in. The motivation to rise above has to come from within! Others can encourage and support, but unless you find a way to truly motivate yourself the long term progress won’t happen.

Some ways to keep that motivation going are to find what it is that motivates you and write it down. Put it on a mirror, a door, or in your car. Somewhere where you see it and can be reminded. When you have good days find a way to document it so you can go back and remember how good it felt to succeed. It also helps to have people that will hold you accountable.

It seems easier said than done, for sure. It is a constant battle. But you have to remember that you can’t get down on yourself when those set-backs happen. You ride it out and decide to do better, to be better.