Today we get to hear from Amberli!! The Vault family danced for her sweet son Byron last year and we love having her in our Hotmess family!!

I joined Hotmess because I wanted to try to “pay Tia back”.  I thought if I joined her group then I will be giving her something back for all the work she put in for Byron. That was my mind set the first couple of weeks of Hotmess. I started with the 9:30 group. It was a small group but I never felt so accepted and motivated. The last couple of weeks of that session I had to miss because things with Byron weren’t going so well. And that is when I realized that I wanted and needed to be a part of Hotmess.

I like the way that I felt about myself when I went. I felt better, like I could take on the what the day had in store for me. Unfortunately I could not sign up for the next 2 sessions because I needed to keep Byron as healthy as I could. I went in to sign my oldest son up for Boys Hip Hop and Tia was there. She gave me a hug asked how I was doing then told me about Hotmess online. I was hesitant to sign up at first because I didn’t think that I would be as motivated to workout at home as I was going to the studio and having Tia right there telling me that I can do hard things and that I am beautiful.

I decided to give it a try anyway. I found each morning that I was getting up at 6 looking forward to turning my tv on and working out with the 5:30 hotmess ladies. I felt like I was there and that I was getting the motivation that I needed to keep doing the workouts from everyone on the tv. (I know I sound crazy)

So here I am in my 2nd online hotmess session and I feel amazing I have more energy I feel like I can do hard things. I thought I was helping Tia by signing up when in reality Hotmess has helped me. It has changed the way that I look at myself… I no longer tell myself I can’t do something because it is hard. I just do it. I try not to be so hard on myself. I am finding things each day to to be thankful for instead of focusing on the negative.

I will be a Hotmess Hottie for life and look forward to the day that I can join Tia in the studio but until that time comes I will be a Online Hotmess Hottie.

Thanks for sharing Amberli!! We love you and your family!!