For a lot of people eating healthy starts at the grocery store. If we don’t buy the junk we don’t have it in our kitchens and we don’t eat it. If the junk isn’t an option we will eat healthier and take better care of our glorious bodies. Let’s strive to take the time to plan ahead, create a menu, and take the first step to healthy eating at the grocery store.

Another part of planning ahead is preparing and packing the healthy food. Most of us have busy lives and our meals are, most of the time, eaten on the run. Snacks are whatever we can grab and usually that isn’t something healthy. Imagine what would happen if we set aside a specific time each week (like a Saturday afternoon) and created a plan. We could have meals planned and shopped for and tons of healthy snacks prepared. A lot of people that meal prep do the same meal everyday (that would drive me crazy), but you can do whatever fits your life style.

The key is planning and preparing ahead of time.

Fruits and veggies can be washed, cut, and put in easy to grab containers. Meals can be prepped ahead of time (just having things cut up is a great time saver). And even lunches, if we prepare a lunch to take to work or just to eat at home we save the cost (and unhealthy consequences) of eating out or grabbing something quick that isn’t healthy. Even taking a salad from home is less expensive than buying one at a fast food place.

It takes a little extra work, but it is totally worth it.