Instead of a Hotmess Hottie post today we have a post from Jennifer.

I have a lot of blessings in my life. I consider Hotmess to be one of the biggest! It has changed me-mind, body, and soul. I look at myself differently, I talk about myself differently, and I think about myself differently. And others too, my view of the whole world has changed.

This morning was my last in-studio Hotmess workout. Tomorrow my family and I are moving. There are more things in store for us and I am excited for what is coming next. I am also so sad. Hotmess has been a big part of my life. For over a year I have started my days with some of the most amazing women you will ever meet. They motivate me and inspire me. They love me unconditionally and they never judge. It is hard to leave. Thankfully Hotmess has taught me that I can do hard things.

I am a little scared that I will slowly go back to my old ways without those ladies there to push me. I don’t want to go back to the way life was before Hotmess. I guess it is time for me to prove that I have truly internalized the Hotmess spirit. I am excited that Hotmess has online classes so I can keep going! I am excited to dig deep and find that motivation within me each day. I am excited to take what I have learned at Hotmess and share it!! The world needs Hotmess!!

I am leaving stronger. I am leaving more confident. I am leaving with a full heart and a strong mind.

Hotmess really is so much more than a workout. It is about loving yourself before you lose that last 5 lbs. It is about looking in the mirror and seeing the divine beauty that you already possess. It is about reaching out to others and lifting them when they can’t lift themselves. It is about believing that we are capable of so much and then doing it!! Hotmess is about love! My Hotmess sisters will forever hold a special place in my heart.

For every “last” there is a new “first”!!