We all love knowing that we are loved and thought of, so take the time to tell other people. Hotmess is about strengthening relationships. Relationships with each other and with our families. We take the things we learn in Hotmess and share them with those around us. Just by learning to fully love ourselves we increase our ability to fully love those around us. We stop judging others because we see that they are amazing and beautiful and we look for the good in them just like we look for the good in ourselves.

Always greet and leave with a hug! Always! You just never know what could happen. It seems like the most common regret after some one is gone is that we didn’t tell or show them how much we love and appreciate them. Don’t let that happen.



Hugs can comfort us when we are sad, celebrate accomplishing great things, encourage us when we are doubting, offer support when we feel like we fall short, express love and genuine caring, heal emotional scars, and help to create a connection between two people. Hugging is so important!! A hug is such an amazing gift. Go hug someone today!!