A huge part of what we do at Hotmess is service!! We have come to know that a huge part of happiness is getting outside ourselves and going to work in the service of others.We all know how good we feel when we do those little random acts of kindness, but can you imagine how good you would feel if you made it a point to spend each and everyday in the service of others??

We talk about giving our all each day and going to bed on empty. Meaning we we used up all our fuel in the service of others and a little rest and Hotmess in the morning will fill us up and have us ready for a new day. Those of us that are parents probably spend most of our time serving our families, and that is awesome! I challenge you though to look for opportunity to serve those outside your home. And involve your children! They learn from your example!!

We serve those we love and we love those we serve.

Your service cold be as simple as a smile and an encouraging word or it could be bigger. Hotmess teaches us to lift and serve each other and then we have to take it out into the world and give it away. We have to share!!

Take some time today and look for someone that needs your help and notice how your day changes!!