This week’s Hottie is my girl Luci! Luci is an important part of Hotmess and it just wouldn’t be the same without her!!

I AM A HOTmess…

I feel the need to introduce myself because I have been on a break from the morning routine of coming to HOTmess Fitness. My name is Luci Koloa, I like to think of myself as an O.G. of this beautiful group and program. I remember the days before there were waiting lines to register, when one on one attention in class was because you were the only one there, when Tia was the lone cheerleader in each class, when taking a jog or running circuits as a group wasn’t uncommon (OH, how I HATED the salamander crawl!!!)… back when Tia was getting these huge surges of inspiration each week in creating this crazy AWESOME program for woman and men (YA, men have done this program too) that would simply reintroduce one to how AMAZING they have ALWAYS been.

My Journey… When I first started HOTmess, I was like most, trying to find the darkest corner in the room to hide in. I avoided eye contact in fear someone might see me. My first class was actually an adult hip-hop class. I arrived early by about 15 minutes… I guess I was eager. I sat there nervously in my car. I cried at one point partly because I was scared and partly because I was ashamed. I waited till the last minute to go in to avoid conversation or any attention. By the time class over I was sweating, doubled over and extremely tired. Still feeling uncomfortable in my body I felt this spark… a feeling of joy inside me that had missing. During this dance class Tia had mention a workout class in the mornings. I knew at that time we were unable to afford me joining a workout group but thought I would find out how much it was and if there was room so I could save and join later. Tia smiled and with this welcoming energy told me all about it, I thanked her and began to walk away. She then with this authority in her voice said, “If you come every day, you can come for free… but you have to committed and be ready to work hard. It’s up to you.” I went my car and cried. How did she know? I went home and talked with my husband about the evening, he too saw that spark of joy he missed seeing in me. With his encouragement I began my journey to finding me. NO LIES… the first weeks were the biggest mental battles of my life!!! I have some really funny stories about these first few months… but for the sake of everyone’s time I’ll save those. BUT THE STRUGGLE WAS REAL (and still is). I found myself by looking in mirror at times of physical struggle and talked to myself with love. Through this class I have learned how to feel comfortable in my skin. This class has helped me realize no matter what I look like, my capabilities or weaknesses, that I am beautiful. HOTmess has helped me magnify who I have always been. Since that first session I’ve been feeling like a rock star. I am not just changing physically but mentally waking up and finding myself again. I tell people all the time, you start HOTmess to get fit but the weight you lose from the inside is going to be crazy. You will feel lighter before you drop any weight. Since then it’s been a huge part of my life.

I love Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of Eat Pray Love. One of my favorite quotes of hers is…


I am a GLORIOUS mess… and dang proud of it! I’m a mess because I’m a loving, adoring, supporting wife to my HOT, Superman huzzzband. I’m a mess because I am a loving, patient, caring, pampering, fun taxi of a mom to two AMAZING kiddos. I’m a mess because I’m loving, patient, caring, honored care giver to my deserving mother. I’m a mess because I love to help others when I can. BUT I’m a HOTmess because I have learned that I can do hard things!!! I’m a HOTmess because I know I am beautiful!!! I’m a HOTmess because I know I am strong!!! I’m a HOTmess because I know I am a SEXY BEAST!!! I have learned how much strength, beauty, power and joy is found in ALL this mess… and it’s glorious… and I AM HOT!!! I have had the joy of watching, truly knowing and feeling the sisterhood that has developed like wildfire in this group. I have been honored by the service I continually receive from this sisterhood. I have felt the burdens physically being taken off my shoulders by my HOTmess sisters. I have been blessed by the safety of laying my emotions out and felt weigh lifted by the love and support I have received by this sisterhood. I am truly awed by the outpouring of service, sacrifices and love that HOTmess sister share with each other and our community. Even when I’m away I know I’m a HOTmess. To my HOTmess sisters, those I know and those I am eager to meet… Thank you for being  YOU!

We love you Luci! Thank you for sharing!!