Today’s Hottie is Chelsea C.!! Chelsea is such a beautiful positive person and we are so blessed to have her in Hotmess!!

I have been on a personal growth journey for a few years now. I have learned so much and have become a different person and have a whole new outlook on life and my purpose. However a year ago I was missing a very important part of that journey which I found through Hotmess. I will go back to the beginning of how I found Hotmess or really how it found me. I was on a drive to Vegas with my good friend Emily one weekend and she started telling me about this work out class that she went to every morning. She said a couple times during the conversation that she kept having this feeling that she needed to tell me about it. The thing was I had been praying for something or someone to come a long to get me back to the gym. I knew I needed that in my life but I couldn’t do it on my own. I felt like I needed someone to go with me someone outside of my house that was counting on me to be there. So I knew that her inviting me to try out this class was an answer to my prayer. What I didn’t know was how much it would change me. I went to my first class that next Monday. I really didn’t know what to expect. I went in thinking I was there to tone and maybe lose a few inches. What I found though was a group of women who wanted me to succeed more than anything. People who had no judgement towards me at all. I felt loved from the moment I walked in the door until the moment I left. Honestly that was a little outside my comfort zone.  I never felt that before at a gym in fact it was quite the opposite. It was like I had instant friends. I continued to go because of that love even though it was uncomfortable. What I didn’t realize is that it would change the way I felt about myself. That key part I was missing on my personal development journey was that love of myself. The unconditional love the one where you can look in the mirror and say “you are amazing” and really believe it. Hotmess gave me that. Hotmess gave me the belief in myself that I am enough, I am worth it, and I truly love me! It was an answer to my prayer but not the answer I thought. I was looking for a work out partner what I found was a family and a new love of me here and now.  I have taken a few sessions off since then but every time I go back I instantly feel that love again and I haven’t ever lost that love of myself.

Love you Chelsea!!