Ever hear of trans fats before? Chances are you have. Trans fats are just partially hydrogenated oils. So let’s talk about hydrogenated oils for a minute. Basically it is when hydrogen is added to a liquid oil to make it a solid. So think shortening. Hydrogenated oils are used in commercial baking (like cookies, cakes, and cracker) and in fried foods like french fries and donuts.

Hydrogenated oils are used because they keep food fresh longer. That is probably because hydrogenated oil is closer to being plastic than it is to being food. Yum, right?! Since they are closer to plastic than real food our bodies have no idea what to do with them. We struggle to break them down and they lead to a rise in bad cholesterol and inflammation in the body. They even affect the bodies ability to regulate hormone levels.

So basically hydrogenated oils are not natural. You are better off striving for naturally occurring fats. Do your best and finds way to eliminate unnatural hydrogenated oils and increase the healthy fats you take in your body!