This week’s tip is worth repeating!! It is the big thing that sets Hotmess Fitness apart from other fitness programs. It is making those declarations during each workout!! Hotmess is about working out your insides along with your outsides and making those declarations each workout is how we do that.

We work on our arms and we tell ourselves we are mentally strong. We do burpess and declare we are amazing! We work on our abs and yell that we can do hard things. It all works together, the stronger our insides the stronger our outsides get!! It is an amazing thing to witness! So work on saying those declarations (or affirmations) daily!! Yell them out loud and be proud!! If you don’t feel silly at first you aren’t doing it right.

You need to hear them and those around you need to hear them as well. Here is an experience from one of our online subscribers:

I need to share with you something that happened during my workout today…i will admit that I am not the loudest when it comes to saying things like “I am beautiful” “I’m a sexy beast” “i can do hard things” etc. But this morning with everything else going on in life I just had to let it out…my kids were already awake at 6:30 so why not let it out right….well my 5 yr old daughter was in the kitchen pouring a bowl of cereal at the time. I was working hard and saying those great things…in the back ground i hear her little voice repeating what i am repeating after you. That was the moment i realized how important it is for my daughter to see that i believe that I AM A SEXY BEAST & THAT I AM BEAUTIFUL so she can believe & feel the same about herself! Because our kids look to us and see the way we feel about ourselves and try to model & look to us for guidance right!?! So thank you Tia for having me say those things!! And i will be saying them with alot more umph and conviction from here on out!!

Guys, it is important!! And I know it isn’t always comfortable to say those things, but it will get easier!! The more you say them the more you believe them. And trust me, they are true whether you think so or not!!

Announcement time!!!

Registration for our next session is Saturday, September 24th @ 7:00-10:00am at The Vault.  The first day of the next session will be Oct. 3rd!! If you are a veteran, meaning 6 sessions or more, you can start registering tomorrow!! We are also super excited that there is going to be a 9:30 class on Tuesdays and Thursdays!! We need to pack The Vault so tell your friends and neighbors. Now that we are in our new studio there is no need to hold back because of space!! You can register for online Hotmess anytime!! Follow (if you haven’t already) @hotmessfitness on Instagram and watch for a free session giveaway!!