This week’s Hotmess Hottie is our beautiful Tonya!! She is amazing!!

My HOTMESS story started about a year ago. My little sister Tia invited me to come to her exercise class at 5:30am and workout with her. Well when I started I honestly didn’t have the right mindset to begin such a journey. To me it was a BUTT KICKING exercise class that screamed positive things and I was so confused and a little taken back by the whole concept, plus the time was killing me, so I DROPPED OUT.

A year later I kept thinking about going back and my little sister continued to let me know that whenever I wanted to come back and try it again, that I was more than welcome. Well that week I kept thinking about it and I went to church and a sweet lady, whom I barely knew at the time, came to me and asked me why I hadn’t been going to HOTMESS, since Tia was my sister. I took her question as an answer to my prayer about starting HOTMESS again. So I talked with Cherish about carpooling together in the morning and the next day, believe it or not, I went.

When I walked into the studio, my sister greeted me with a huge hug, but not only was she very welcoming, but every woman in the class introduced themselves and made me feel welcomed and NOT JUDGED for the way I looked.  Anytime you start a workout regimen that first day is the hardest, because you have so many doubts in your head telling you that you don’t look as good as everyone else, you won’t be able to keep up, you are going to die, why even start, etc. So I positioned myself in the corner and told myself that “I can do this!”  Well I did it and I felt so good afterwards. What I loved that Tia told me before the class was, “Tonya, DO YOU, not TIA! Just keep moving” and that’s what I continue to tell myself.  The next day was “ON THE BALL” class where you have a yoga ball, yoga mat and weights. LOTS of balancing and planks. As I tried to get on the ball I fell off 4 times during the class. I was hoping nobody was seeing me cry and that they would think it was just me with sweat in my eyes. I was discouraged, but I promised myself and Tia that I would try the whole session. As we exercise we share with one another what we are grateful for and yell things like, “I can DO HARD THINGS” “I am AMAZING” “I am WORTH IT!” “I’m a sexy beast”- that was the saying that I had a hard time saying. I didn’t see myself like that, I really didn’t see myself the same way everyone else sees me. Everyone sees me as a Social Butterfly, confident, organized, etc. But really I have issues with Social Anxiety and self confidence. But I just put on a happy face and “FAKE it”. So as I continued with these classes I was so proud of myself every week that I complete and notice that I was getting physically and mentally stronger. I was seeing Tonya in a totally different light. I was gaining self confidence and believing in myself more. I was starting to see that this WORKOUT was not just for the outside of my body, but it was strengthening me from the inside to change the outside. The relationships that I was developing with those incredible women in the class, who push me to the next level and compliment me when I am able to reach to another level of intensity.

Another part of the class was our GRATEFUL JOURNAL, to take time and write down 3 things that you are grateful for.

We love Tonya and love having her in Hotmess with us!!