We’ve talked about stretching and drinking water to help with sore muscles, but did you know that eating the right fruits can also help?? It is true, studies have shown that eating certain fruits after a workout can reduce the onset of muscles soreness and that gives the muscles more time to recover. Even eating the right fruit before a workout can help with your post-workout soreness.

So what are these magical fruits? Blueberries and tart cherries for starters. They have nutrients that help with the elimination of waste produced by the body during a workout. They also are believed to help us regain strength faster. Tart cherries also raise the level of melatonin (sleep hormone) so we can get a better rest. Other helpers are raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, and plums. They haven’t been studied as heavily as the blueberries and cherries though. You should avoid consuming dairy with your berries and cherries because the protein blocks the antioxidant power. So if you are planning on have a protein shake with milk you should wait at least an hour after to eat your berries and cherries.

If you prefer to get your fruit in before your workout try eating at least 2 cups watermelon before your workout. Watermelon has also been shown to reduce the after workout muscles soreness too.

If you workout like we do at Hotmess Fitness chances are your muscles get sore quite often. So give these fruits a try and see what kind of difference they make!