Today’s healthy tip is about sleep. We all love it and for the most part I don’t think we get enough of it, totally speaking from experience here (last night I got about 4 hours of sleep). There are a lot of reasons for staying up later. Sometimes it is the only quiet time a parent gets. As lovely as that quiet time is, it is probably better that we put ourselves to bed at a decent hour.

Going to bed earlier is a much better use of your time than sitting on the couch snacking and watching Netflix! (the things I tell myself…)

Sleep deprivation effects out metabolism and we all want a healthy metabolism right?! Our body metabolizes food, drinks, toxins, and even emotions. When you think about it a lot of things come into our bodies so we need an efficient system to break down all those things and give us what we need…energy!! Lack of sleep changes our hormones. More specifically the hormones that tell us when to eat (ghrelin- “hunger hormone”) and when to stop (leptin-“satiety hormone”). When we don’t get enough sleep we have an excess of ghrelin that tells to eat and we lack enough leptin to send the signal to stop eating. Getting the right amount of sleep regulates the hormone levels and makes it easier to have healthy eating habits.

A lack of sleep also creates cravings for more carbohydrates and, very often, carbonated/caffeinated beverages. We have talked about the soda problem before. Taking in caffeinated beverages during the day leads to terrible sleep patterns and we end up getting a lower quality of sleep during the night, which then leads to us thinking we need more caffeine just to function. So break that cycle and give up the caffeine habit!!

Make it a goal to get more sleep. Go to bed earlier!! Plan ahead and give yourself enough time to get the rest your body needs!!