It has been said that the most Christ-like thing we can do is to make connections with people (Kirk Duncan). Look in their eyes and make an effort to connect. Today’s tip is all about making those connections. First is using names!! We all have one! Everyone wants to feel like they are seen and acknowledged. We all want to feel special, even if it is just for a few minutes. It can seriously brighten a gloomy day.

The next time you are at the grocery store notice the name of the checker and thank them by name. Look in their eyes and make that connection. If you find yourself at a restaurant check out the name of the server. And then, you guessed it, look in their eyes and use their name.  You have just made someone feel appreciated and known. Two things we all want.

Look for opportunities to connect with people every day!!

Another way to connect with people is to offer genuine compliments. If you think it you might as well say it. Keeping those compliments in our minds don’t do anyone any good. You could turn someone’s day around. They may be feeling self conscious or frumpy and if you take a minute to express your kind thought you have just given then a boost to their confidence. Don’t we all love it when we receive a genuine compliment? I know we do, even if it is hard to accept them sometimes. So remember to take a second or two and compliment someone and if they don’t accept it just remember that they maybe needed it more than you realize.

So when you head out into the world today look for opportunities to connect with people. Use their names and make them feel important. And chances are you will notice a change inside yourself too. You will feel lighter and brighter!!