The first meal of the day is called breakfast for a reason. We are breaking our night time fast. There are benefits to our night time fast and it is so important that we take advantage of the good that happens while we are going with out food. After 12-16  hours without food your body goes into hyper detox. It filters out all those toxins we take in all the time and cleans us out. It is important to avoid late night snacking so that our bodies can have that time without food to detox properly. Our organs know what to do, we just need to let them get to work. Plus late night snacking is usually the stuff loaded with sugar and bad fats, and we are always better off avoiding those things. It is also important to make sure we aren’t eating super late and then wait til noon the next day to break our night time fast. It is better to eat dinner early, avoid snacking, and then eat within an hour of waking up. If you are pregnant or nursing (or have other health needs) this isn’t the way to go though. Your body is providing nutrients for two so you should have healthy snacks when needed.  Drinking water first thing in the morning also helps with the detoxing!

Give your body a chance to digest and detox before you fuel it up again!!

Another time to take a break is between meals. Eating every three hours has been shown to be the best route, especially if getting to a healthier weight is your goal. Our bodies release insulin when we eat food and when there is insulin in our bodies it will not burn fat. 3 hours gives the body a chance to use up the insulin it produced and digest all the food you have eaten. Learn to balance your food intake so you can go the three hours without eating.

So eat regularly and drink your water to enjoy the benefits of good health!!