Tia’s Tip today is to slow down while you eat. Enjoy your food! Don’t eat your food so fast that you feel like you need to get more just to enjoy the experience longer. Eating slower gives you an opportunity to really enjoy what you are eating. Also you get to enjoy the people you are eating with, you may even have a conversation. If you need to, take a picture to prolong to satisfaction from your meal. The hope is that if you eat slower and find more pleasure while eating you won’t feel the need for more food that you really don’t need. So make the most of the food you eat. Eat with your eyes, nose, ears, and mouth!!

I know you want the recipe for those tasty cookies up there so here it is:

Chocolate Chip Banana Cookies

2 over ripe bananas

1 cup dry oatmeal

1 Tbsp almond/nut butter

1/2 cup dark chocolate chips (you can even do vegan)

a mixture of flax, coconut, and chia seeds

For all the sweet tooth honeys out there add 1 tsp agave

Bake at 350 degrees for 17 minutes!!

Thanks to the beautiful Irene Presser for the recipe!!

Now go make these delicious cookies and take your time enjoying them!!