This week’s Hottie is Natalie (pictured above on the right with another Hotmess Hottie Tanya)! Natalie is beautiful, talented and so amazing!! She is a 39 year old mother of 4 and is so full of life and energy!!

I’ve heard a lot of people say they start going to Hot Mess for the workout and the inner strength is a surprise bonus.  I have to admit that that mental inner strength is the reason I was attracted to Hot Mess in the first place. You see, I’ve worked out really consistently for the last 16 years, including training for some major endurance events.  Figuring out how to work out, or with who, was never a problem for me.  But a lot of the things I had been putting my passion into for years had changed and stopped being fun, leaving a hole inside of me I was trying to figure out how to fill. One day I happened across a dear friend and neighbor’s facebook post about a session she had done at HotMess Fitness.  I was intrigued as I had had some exposure to the Kalamity Dance Team and was really impressed by what they did….I knew it was an energy I would love to be around.  My friend explained to me that it was an amazing workout AND really good for your mind, soul, and self-esteem.

Another admittion…I have struggled with self-esteem most of my life. Early in my 30’s I I had made huge progress and it all started with someone giving me a gratitude journal. I could finally say for real that I loved myself…and then about three years ago, something happened that sent me spiraling backwards on that path to loving myself. And even though I had the tools to find that love again, I was really struggling to do it on my own.  That’s why I know that it was no accident that I saw that post that day,  I cannot deny that my Heavenly Father guided me to Hot Mess, just like he has guided me to many other things in my life that I know I wouldn’t have gotten to on my own but that I know I needed.

I signed up for the session that began in August of 2015.  The first week I started feeling like a different person, well really just the me that had been lost for a couple of years. I was suddenly surrounded by all these strangers, yet instant friends, who showed me and continue to show me the most unconditional love I have ever been surrounded by.   We shared what we were thankful for everyday, along with many other positive affirmations. I started feeling myself heal…finally! Plus you better believe the fact that I crawl out of there most days, dripping sweat and happy keeps me coming back as well!!

Not long after I started HotMess, I started attending Tia’s adult Hip Hop classes on Wednesday nights with some friends.  I danced in high school and college, 20 years ago, and I loved it!  Dancing again made me soooo happy. In December, the Hot Mess Hotties got to do a dance at Kalamity’s benefit concert.  It was so much fun to perform again with these girls I love and to support a sweet family going through a Kalamity.  I was reminded that service is another way to feel true joy. Somewhere in the middle of all of this, I got the idea planted in my head that I should try out for Kalamity.  I instantly knew it was something I would want to do, a place to put my passion and fill that hole that was in me. Plus a chance to serve, dance, and work hard! More healing!!!!

So when tryouts for Kalamity came around in April, there I was with a number on me …at least ten years older than everyone else and years out of dance practice.  And again, there was this unconditional love and welcome from everyone.  It blew my mind. Being part of the Kalamity Dance Team this year is such a great blessing in my life.  I love that I get to get my family involved in serving and push myself…hard…it’s ok, I can do hard things 😉 And I continue with HotMess as well because…I’m addicted.  Life can be hard, busy, crazy, scary, frustrating and many other negatives.  But when you’ve got a group of strong, loving, sincere women behind you… you can handle anything.  Being reminded each day what’s important and to focus on the good is soooo incredibly powerful.  You will always find there is more good than negative, and when you can’t see it, there is always a friend to help you see the good!

It’s important to me that women know they can do anything they want…Age and # of children is not an excuse, if anything it’s a reason to be more amazing!!  Guess whose watching and will learn to believe they too can do anything!!!!

Thanks to Tia, My HotMess Hotties and Kalamity team members…your love and support means more to me than you will ever know! You are Amazing!

Thanks for sharing Natalie!! We love you!!