Today’s nutrition tip is about making it a choice. So many diets being with them the feeling that we don’t have a choice. We have to eat something or we can’t eat something else. Diets leave you feeling powerless and deprived. We don’t want to let some diet take our power! We work so hard to build it up and find it within us that we need to hold onto it and let it empower us to choose for ourselves.

“I choose to!!”

I get to!!”

There are definitely times when we need to be more conscious of what goes into our bodies. So for those times let’s take the chore out of eating healthy and focus on our choice. We are choosing to eat healthier instead of we have to eat healthier. We get to nourish and fuel our bodies with healthy foods instead of we have to eat that healthy stuff. See the difference? Let’s empower ourselves with choice!! We get to choose!!