Smile with your teeth!! I dare you to. Right now, go ahead, I know you want to. Try and see what happens…

Did you do it? I hope so. It is amazing what a few seconds of smiling can do for you. At Hotmess we believe a smile can change your entire day! One simple act has that much power! Smiling naturally reduces stress and relaxes your facial muscles. Smiling also boosts your immune system by slowing your heart rate and reducing tension in your body. It even lowers blood pressure by increasing endorphins. Smiling is like a natural drug!

Our mood and body language are so linked that even faking a smile has the same benefits. So if your smile isn’t genuine, do it anyway!!

There are scientific studies on smiling and papers you can read, but I want you to see for yourself. Try smiling on purpose today!

Chances are if you don’t feel like smiling that means you need to do it. Give it at least 10 seconds, your mood will change. And then take that smile and share it with someone else!!