Today was the first day of session 14!! We are all so ready to get to work, but before we workout we like to take some time and workout our insides. The first day is so important. We talk about our why. The why is so important. The why is what keeps you going. The why is your motivation.

Is your why to get healthy? Maybe it is to loose weight. It could even be as simple as being happy. One of our hotties said her why was what she calls the “trickle down effect”. Hotmess makes her feel better and act differently and that trickles down to her husband and her kids. Her whole family has changed because she is taking care of herself for an hour every morning. Hopefully your why includes inside things along with the outside ones, because we know those are the changes that make it possible for us to truly maintain our happiness. Whatever your why the trick is to remember that and let if fuel you.

Let it ignite you!!

Another important thing about day one is being reminded of how important it is that we say our I am statements. I think I’ll call them declarations. We are declaring we are amazing and strong, powerful and enough. That is the key to Hotmess. That is what sets it apart from any other workout program and gym you’ll find. It is the inside working out right along with the outside.

Find your why and let it keep you going. Declare your strength even if you feel dumb (it has been said if you don’t feel silly you aren’t doing it right). I think the most important thing is that after you find that why you get started!!