Since we are between sessions this week we won’t have a Hotmess Hottie today. I know, sad, they’ll be back next week. I did want to take a minute though and talk about our stories. Everyone has one. We all have experiences we have been through. Things, people, trials, hardships, events that have shaped us and changed us. Hopefully made us stronger and taught some important things.

At Hotmess we believe that every trial is just a blessing in disguise. We believe that all those experiences are meant to teach us and strengthen us. We also believe that those stories that each of us have are meant to be shared and by sharing them we help others. That is a big reason why we have Hotmess Hotties on Fridays. No two experiences are the same, but there are similarities that can bring us together and make us all stronger.

Today, if you have been struggling to share your story, I challenge you to find your voice. There is healing in sharing. Trust me, I know. It doesn’t have to be for the world to see. Even if you just write it down, you have still found your voice. Hopefully, eventually, you will be able to share it with someone that needs to hear it. They will be strengthened and find hope knowing you have been where they are/were and you have overcome. Reach out and share your light, your strength.

In case you have missed some of our Hotmess Hotties here are links to all their stories. Enjoy!!