We have had some really amazing health tips so far. Lots of things to be mindful of and improve on. One of our favorite health tips is to enjoy foods in moderation. If you have been following our posts it is no secret Hotmess isn’t a strict weight loss program. The focus is to love our bodies for the beautiful, amazing bodies they already are. We want to magnify the beauty within and lose weight from the inside first.

We encourage healthy eating and taking care of our bodies because they are amazing!! It is much better to take care of your body because you love it, not because you hate it.

It has been the experience of many that dieting can be guilt inducing and overwhelming. Many find they become obsessed with it and it leads to unhealthy eating patterns that are hard to break. Dieting only addresses one issue of weight loss and that is the physical side. Most weight is gained because of emotional reasons (the weight inside) and those emotions need to be addressed.

Dieting often leads to guilt, shame, and feelings of inadequacy when we have a set back. Feeling like we are punishing or depriving ourselves. Those feelings often lead us to more unhealthy eating which has started a downward spiral. When we give ourselves permission to enjoy all foods in moderation we have taken the guilt and shame out of eating. That doesn’t mean we should be ok with eating a dozen cookies or 3 bowls of ice cream. It means that we focus on making healthier choices and when the occasion arises to enjoy a treat we can enjoy without feeling like we aren’t doing good enough.

You see when we love our bodies and recognize the greatness within us we strive to take better care of ourselves. We don’t let a couple cookies or a piece of cake deflate us and leave us feeling defeated. We see it as an opportunity to enjoy good food and nothing more. So do me a favor and focus on health inside and out!