Hotmess isn’t like a normal gym. We don’t have monthly or yearly fees. We have what we call sessions. Each session is 8 weeks long. On occasion we have a week between sessions and that is a free week. That means people can come try Hotmess Fitness for free and see what it is all about.

The studio has been packed so far this week and it is amazing!! Hotmess is a workout for women (and men) of all shapes, sizes, colors, and abilities. Many have commented that while in the studio there is nothing but love and acceptance. There are no comparisons. No judgments. Your only competition is yourself-push harder each workout and you will notice you are stronger than before.

Each week is a different workout and I’ll be honest, they are hard. Sweat pours and we walk out of the studio leaving puddles behind. The workouts are hard, but they aren’t the most important part. The most important part of a Hotmess workout is saying all the I am statements along with everyone else. Imagine with me for a minute that you are working hard, sweating and pushing yourself. You are doing things you didn’t think you could do and pushing harder than you thought you could. And just as you are about to choose to give up you hear a voice yelling, “Say I’m amazing! I’m strong! I can do this!”. You dig deep and you yell it and you find the strength to keep pushing and finish strong. It isn’t about the physical strength. It is about mental strength and believe that you are amazing, you are strong, and you can do this.

Because guess what…You are amazing and strong and I have no doubt that you can do this!! Mentally strong!!

Every day is a rehearsal. We wake up and tell ourselves these things everyday so that when those times come and we feel defeated we can dig deep and remember that we know we can do hard things because we are powerful and strong. When we begin to feel those doubts creep in we can reach in and pull out that feeling of proclaiming how amazing we are and we rise and conquer. It isn’t a one and done situation though. Each day we need that boost to our mental reservoirs. Day after day we are adding drops to our buckets so that when we need those reminders we have them.

Every day is a rehearsal!!

Since it is a free week we wanted to share a workout with you!! Here is our cardio for this week. Join us!! Be sure you are pushing yourself and being you! Say everything with us!! Trust me, you need to say it. And if you aren’t to the point of feeling comfortable saying…say it anyway. I’m serious about this. Do it!! You got this!!


You can get on online subscription to Hotmess Fitness here!!

Also at Hotmess this week we are challenging everyone to post an “I choose” selfie on Instagram. I would like to issue the same challenge to you. Post a selfie and declare what you are choosing. Are you choosing to be happy? Are you choosing to take care of your self? Are you choosing to be grateful? Let us know and use #hotmessfitness and #ichoose !!