Time for another Hotmess Hottie!! Today we get to hear from Amanda! This girl is on fire and her transformation has been incredible!!

I have always struggled with weight and a vision of what I should be…but was not. After my 1st child I had gained quite a bit of weight and ultimately turned to drugs thinking I would drop a few pounds. After finding out how terribly wrong I was, and learning to live a sober life, I found myself at 310 lbs. That was my ‘rock bottom.’ I decided after the birth of my 3rd son I would change my way of eating and I did. I lost 40 lbs quickly. Then my weight loss started to taper and my new found confidence started to decline. I was working so hard and that dang scale would not budge. I was depressed. I always loved dancing and I went to a few beginning hip-hop classes at my son’s dance studio. It was there that Tia first invited me to Hotmess. After some encouragement from both my husband and my son, I went. It was the hardest thing I had ever done physically. During the 1st week I either threw up or thought I was going to, every day. But making it past that 1st week was my 1st goal of so many in HM. The love and support that I felt from the moment I walked in was enough to keep me going. I have made lifelong friends…real friends. The daily lessons that I would learn about myself and my own power would be enough to shine through the rest of my day. People at home started noticing, then people at work, then my checker at the local market…I had transformed. I walked into places again with a smile and confidence in my step. Hotmess has taught me to love myself AND work towards my fitness goals, I don’t have to choose. In December I had back surgery and the doctors told me that my vitals were that of a triathlete (I only do HM lol.) They also told me that if I had not started working out with Tia that I would not have been healthy enough to have the surgery. Now if that is not a testimony to the level of workout you will receive in HM, I don’t know what is. I will forever be grateful to Tia and my HMH sisters because the old Amanda who loved life and all its amazing differences is back after a 10 year hiatus. It is a privilege to make puddles and serve beside you all. #HMHfolife

Love Amanda and her journey!