Today’s hottie is Cherish!! Cherish has shown amazing strength and continues to show that she truly can do hard things!!

As much as I hate excuses it seems like when it comes to working out I always had them.  I first heard of Hotmess when I went to a benefit concert last December. I was completely blown away with the performances but mostly I felt something different about the dancers. They had a positive energy that really was able to shine and be felt by the audience. I thought ” wow I could really get in shape if I had half the energy these performers do!”  I made absolutely sure before I joined Hotmess though that it was exercise and not dancing/performing. Because I don’t do that kind of thing , that’s embarrassing.  😏
Every time I have worked out in the past 16 years something has always stopped me. Excuses have always stopped me. I joined a gym until I got really sick and sore. Yoga hurt my neck so I figured it wasn’t for me.  I have had my gallbladder removed so I get acid reflux when I try running as exercise. I have a rare blood condition that doesn’t carry oxygen the same as normal so I worry that I get worn out easier than others.  I have had a surgery that cut through all the muscles in my stomach so I have a hard time doing ab workouts, when I was 17 I broke 15 bones head to toe so I have arthritic potential and nerve damage in my wrists etc…
But I know I need to work out to be healthier and feel better so I joined.  I feel lucky/blessed to have Tia Stokes teaching Hotmess workout class. I learned about her life and just felt really blessed to be in her class. She is a positive force in my life and I am inspired by her and her family. She encourages us to yell things in the mirror while working out, like ” I am amazing! , I can do hard things!! I’ve got this!! And I’m a sexy beast! ” these things made me smile. I love the workout! It is so fun and uplifting and it makes me sore pretty much every day!  Eventually I realized Hotmess was more than a workout class for transforming your body and it was about loving yourself from the inside out!  I initially still had my excuses but being in this positive uplifting environment outweighs any excuse!
Sometimes, well most days, Tia will kinda do dance moves  and expect us to follow. I used to laugh and say yeah that’s cute but I don’t do that. Tia wouldn’t let me get away with that though she would say “come on Cherish you can do it shake it girl!” So I would do it but feel pretty embarrassed. Finally one day I said “that’s not me I used to do that but not anymore. ” Tia told me if it was ever me then it was still in there. And that hit me hard. I realized I had kind of lost that fun bubbly girl I used to be in high school. I thought I was too old to act that way and life got too serious. Tia reminded me of something I already knew but most of us (women mostly) forget. We can do anything! We can do hard things and it all starts with loving ourselves. The key to happiness is gratitude. Tia gives us grateful journals to write 3 things in every day as well as asking us while we work out something we are grateful for! One day Tia yelled ” Cherish what are you grateful for?!!” My response; I am grateful that I am stronger than my excuses!!!!
Something finally clicked!
I can actually look myself in the mirror and say positive things now.  I dance and don’t care how silly I look because it makes me laugh and I have a blast all while getting the best workout of my life and getting stronger, physically and mentally!
The positive effect Hotmess has had on my life and therefore my family’s life is eternal and I will always be grateful.

We love you Cherish!!