Here at Hotmess we are committed to self love and acceptance through exercise and healthy living. No where in our process does that include weighing yourself. It used to be offered for those that had certain goals in mind or were curious, but that has stopped. It is a fitness challenge, not a weight loss challenge.

Whole body fitness-body, mind, and soul!!

The idea that happiness, success, and a sense of accomplishment come from a number is silly. Sure it can feel good to reach a goal, but you can set other goals that are just as rewarding as losing a few pounds (like touching your toes, more push-ups, doing more burpees, or even doing one unmodified burpee).

I am sure we’ve all been there. We workout hard, eat right, make healthy changes every day and then we weigh ourselves and nothing has changed. We let that silly number erase all the good we accomplished. We forget the strength we have gained and the healthy habits that we established all because of that scale. We pick ourselves apart and let that scale be the determining factor in our quest for self worth. That is way too much power to give to that bathroom scale!

So let’s take that power back!! Throw away the scale!! Measure happiness, success, and accomplishment by the way you feel!! Do you feel amazing? Are you reaching those small goals everyday? Are you pushing harder in each workout? Have you spent time expressing gratitude? Can you look in the mirror and see the sexy beast looking back? Are your muscles sore because you pushed yourself to do extra reps? Do you have a smile on your face? Do you have a twinkle in your eye (it happens, trust me)?  Are you a better wife/mom/daughter/sister/friend? Do you look for opportunities to serve? Are you laughing?

These are the things that we should be using, not that bathroom scale!!

If weight loss is your goal I challenge you to get rid of the scale and focus on the other things. Once you start to love you for you the weight will start to disappear (but you won’t really notice because you are too busy living life and being happy!)