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We Can Do Hard Things

When I started working out with Tia, sometimes it was just the two of us, or maybe 3 or 4 people total.  I remember her saying, “I’m going to work out even if no one else shows up.”  She was determined to get her workout.  My initial reason to go in the mornings was to get toned up.  I was a new member on her dance team, “Kalamity”, and wanted to gain stamina and look the part.  I had wondered why she wanted to workout when she already danced so many hours at the studio anyway.  I learned quickly that her workouts were a lot more physically challenging than taking a few dance classes!  

As the months went by I made new life-long friendships and became even closer to Tia.  As we all worked out, we started to not just gain muscle, but gain some much needed life lessons from Tia and each other.  “I can do hard things” is one of the many phrases that has stuck with me from Tia.  It helps me remember that the hard trials in life will pass no matter how painful–just like sometimes the last set of burpees is hard, but is only another couple minutes.  What makes this phrase even more powerful, is knowing that as we all do our “hard things” we have such a great circle of love and support.  We never have to do our “hard things” alone.  This group of women are always there for each other and I know we can all turn to each other without hesitation when we need help with hard times.

In 2014 I was 28 years old and life was great!  I was in the best physical shape since high school.  I was dedicated to Hotmess and Kalamity that year.  I loved the way I felt and looked.  I traveled to Australia with my husband and we scuba dived the great barrier reef.  We had also just recently bought our house and loved that we were settling into St. George, where we had always wanted to live.  The only thing missing from our picture perfect lives, was that we had not been able to be parents yet…and I knew something was wrong with me, but I kept avoiding it and thinking maybe it would just be Steve and I for the rest of our days.

We decided to get serious about having a child, and we went through all of the infertility steps until finally it was time for our last resort besides adoption, and that was Invitro.  I was scared out of my mind to be on lots of hormones and give myself shots, but I knew I could do hard things.  Especially when many other women around me were doing it too.  I thought going through all of the medical stuff to get my eggs out would be the hard part, but the hardest part was yet to come.  The day the doctor leaned me back on the table to transfer the embryos, he explained that all of the embryos were “poor quality” and that we had a 20% chance.  He transferred the embryos and then left the room.  As I laid there for the required 15 minutes, I felt incredibly defeated.  I looked at Steve and broke down.  Everyone was holding on to a small shred of hope that maybe one of the 3 “poor quality embryos” would work, but 2 weeks later a blood test would reveal that I was not pregnant.

I expressed to Steve (my husband) that I felt it was all my fault that he would never get to have children of his own.  He told me it didn’t matter, as long as we had each other. The good news is that this story has a happy ending.  My good friend Tia had watched me go through all of this process, telling me to have faith and that I could do it.  She offered her eggs for my second round of IVF.  This amazing gift would make it possible for me to be a mother.  Now, she would have to tell herself she could do hard things!  Watching her go through the same steps I did to retrieve the eggs was HARD.  I couldn’t believe someone would go through all of this for me.  The summer of 2015 was hard, preparing for the second attempt.  That August, I remember waiting for the phone call after my blood test…so nerve-wracking!  I was told that my test was positive!  We could do hard things…yes!  Steve and I now have a pretty little baby girl thanks to Tia.  

“I can do hard things” has helped me through all of this and still does now.  When I learn about the Hotmess women and what hard things they go through, that helps me count my blessings.  We can all do hard things and help others with their hard things if we seek opportunity to serve.  Hotmess and Kalamity has given me this opportunity. I’m grateful for going through all of the hard things and knowing that it’s possible because of people who love me and know I can do it too!  These women made me feel so loved throughout the whole pregnancy and still do now!  I love them so much.

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