At Hotmess Fitness we strive daily to magnify the beauty within us and allow it shine. It takes daily effort. When you think about all the influences that try to make us feel inferior, it makes sense that it would that constant work. We are bombarded with images, ideas, and quick fix options that tell us we have to fit in some perfect cookie cutter mold to be beautiful. They tell us if we aren’t a certain size we aren’t good enough or pretty enough. They tell us if we fall short of some standard of perfection we have failed. There are pills and potions that promise quick weight loss that will make us happy. Well guess what? The happiness isn’t found at the bottom of a pill bottle or in the race towards that perfect physique.

Happiness is found in recognizing that those “imperfections” are what make us beautiful. They make us unique and one of a kind. They make us the people we are supposed to be. Those little pieces of ourselves that we think are imperfections are really the best parts of us because they are uniquely ours. No one else carried my babies and has my left over skin and stretch marks. No one else has my smile lines from watching my kids play together. No one else has my tired eyes from staying up late and getting up early in the service of those I love. No one else has my curves that have been earned by trying new recipes and the blessing of enjoying good meals with family and friends. I’m the only one that has waded through my specific trials and struggles and come out stronger for it.

You see, it is our individual nature that makes us the beautiful people that we are. The sooner we accept that, believe it, and choose to live it the sooner we are free from the weight of imposed cookie cutter standards.

Part of Hotmess is the daily affirmations. We spend time reminding ourselves how amazing, beautiful, strong, and great we are. The focus isn’t on the weight loss or the inches we loose. It is on feeling great the way we are.

So what happens when we feel great on the inside but our outsides aren’t changing? We still want to look as good as we feel. This is something I have been struggling with lately. I feel so good. I am happy, confident, and full of life. But when I look in the mirror I don’t see the outward changes that would show that. Now, don’t get me wrong. I am still happy and grateful for the body and talents I have, but it sure is frustrating to not see any obvious physical changes. So that’s where I am right now. Learning to embrace the changes, which ever ones they may be, as they come. But the good thing is that I am choosing to believe that no matter what I am beautiful and that is something that won’t change.