First off, how did you do on our water challenge last week? Did you make it the whole week only hydrating with water and fresh fruit juice? I hope so! Getting that water and avoiding those sugary drinks is so important for our health!!

Today’s nutrition tip thanks to Chelsea is about Sodium! So many studies out there show that too much Sodium leads to, among other things, high blood pressure. High blood pressure it not good. Your body retains water which keeps you from getting that lean muscle look.

So where do we find high levels of Sodium? Mostly in processed foods and fast foods. So avoid the processed foods and fast foods (for many other reasons too) and stick to whole natural foods full of nutrients and low in Sodium.

It is suggested that if the calories per serving number is higher than the sodium milligram number you should avoid that product.

According to The American Heart Association we should be consuming less than 1,500 mg of Sodium each day.

Those that have cut back on their Sodium and salt intake at first feel like their food tastes bland, but after a few weeks of consistently cutting back they reported that they wanted less salt. Their salt-taste receptors in their mouths became more sensitive and they didn’t need as much to get the flavor.

So there you go! Limit your Sodium intake and get healthier!!