This week’s tip from Tia is about stretching! Every Hotmess workout ends with a cool down/stretch. We take time to stretch our tired and sore muscles which increases flexibility and decreases the post work out soreness. Stretching gives our heart a chance slowly return to a normal and steady rate. Stretching also stops the flow of lactic acid (the stuff that makes us sore) and returns normal blood flow to our muscles. A good stretch also minimizes the chances of sustaining an injury while working out and helps us use our muscles to their full capacity.


The picture above is the first time ever that Jennifer had been able to touch her toes. She grew up athletic and active, but had never focused on the stretching part of exercise. Thanks to the Hotmess cool down and stretching she was able to touch her toes!


So after your next workout make sure you take the time to cool down and stretch. Not only is it good for your physical well-being it also gives you some time to think and work on your mental strength!!