I talked in this post about choosing your hard. Workouts are hard, that is a given. But have you ever thought about the mental strength it takes to really dig deep and make a change? Our thoughts are powerful. We are always thinking and most of the time the negative thought has come and gone before we even realize we had it. Thoughts are sneaky like that.

If we think a thought enough times we begin to believe it. It happens with negative thoughts all the time. A hard thing comes up and we tell ourselves we can’t do it. So we don’t. The next thing comes up and we remember we can’t do it, and so we don’t. Before we know it we have created a pattern of telling ourselves we can’t do those things that are hard for us and we believe it.  We allow that thought of being inferior to stick around. The sneaky thought pops up whenever it wants and eventually we are stuck believing we aren’t amazing.

So how do we change that??

Just imagine if we made a mental effort to banish those negative thoughts. What if every time that thought popped up that told us we couldn’t do hard things we stopped and told ourselves we could? What if every time we look in the mirror we tell ourselves just how amazing we are? What if?!

I want you to do something for me. Find something that is hard for you, it could be a workout, telling someone how you really feel, going through your closet, getting out of bed. Find something that is hard and do it!! Tell yourself you are amazing, tell yourself you can do hard things, tell yourself you got this and you aren’t backing down. I can promise you if you keep working at it, the change will come. It did for me and I have seen it happen for others too. As we do the hard things and tell our minds we can do it the thought patterns begin to change. And eventually we don’t even have to work at telling ourselves how amazing we are, we just know it! And trust me, you are amazing!!

If you need help follow along with us to get you started on your journey to a strong mind!!

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