Most of the Hotmess Hotties are mothers, many of them working mothers. That means they have many responsibilities and they are constantly being pulled in so many directions. Does that sound familiar? I am sure it is the same for so many people out there. There are always other things that draw our attention from ourselves. Many of those things are good and need to be done, but what about taking care of ourselves?

Don’t we deserve a little me time?

Hotmess has become the “me time” for so many. It is our opportunity to focus on ourselves. To check in and make sure we are still doing good. To work our bodies, minds, and hearts with no distractions is so important. Tia knows this and works hard to create a space where everyone is free to be themselves and spend that time caring for themselves.

Many of the moms in Hotmess have stories of how Hotmess makes them better wives and mothers. If they miss a workout they see an obvious difference. Dedicating that time to take care of ourselves helps us with patience and kindness. After having spent an hour solely devoted to yourself it doesn’t seem as hard to take care of everyone else. Learning to love ourselves makes it easier for us to love and serve others.

Put this to the test. Set aside time everyday to focus on yourself. And keep drinking your water and writing in your grateful journals!!