This week’s challenge has been to drink only water this week. If you follow @hotmessfitness on Instagram you already knew that. How are you doing? Hopefully it isn’t too difficult to drink only water. Water is so good for us and the ultimate beverage when it comes to hydrating. I mean, when you think about it, water is a celestial beverage…it literally falls from the Heavens.

We all know there are so many benefits to drinking water, but I will remind you of just a few. We all have been told our bodies are made of like 60% water. When we are drinking enough water that means our bodies are balanced and able to deliver nutrients, keep our bodies at a constant temperature, and also digest food better. Drinking enough water helps us feel fuller so we eat less. Just did a tough workout? Drinking water will help your muscles recover and avoid extreme soreness. Drinking water is good for our skin! It keeps it clearer by eliminating toxins and reducing pimples. Drinking more water helps our kidneys function better, increases our ability to focus, and help us stay more alert. Water keeps us healthy and regular. There are so many other benefits to drinking water, but we just can’t fit them all in.

Just in case you need a little more incentive to eliminate soda go check out this.

So take the challenge if you haven’t already. See how long you can go only drinking water. Hopefully you will notice a difference too.