It’s Tuesday and that means we get our weekly fitness tip from Tia!! Today’s tip is all about arms. In Hotmess we use two or three pound weights. That’s all!!  A lot of people wonder how we are able to really work our arms with such light weights. Some try to start with heavier weights doubting the lighter ones will do any good. After 20 minutes with their arms in the air they find that those heavier weights are too much.

Tia’s tip is to flex with every rep. Feel the resistance in every movement. This works even if you don’t have weights. Squeeze and work your biceps, triceps, lats, and traps!  If you are always flexing and resisting you will get a great work out. We do all our arm work slow too. That helps intensify the work we are doing.

Give it a try!! Grab some 2 pound weights and flex and resist as you work your arms!!

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