Right now there are thousands of people sitting on the couch feeling miserable, depressed, unhappy, and desperate. They look in the mirror and wish they felt better, healthier, more alive. Their lives are hard. Every day is a struggle. Everyday they feel like they are sinking a little lower and deeper into a pit they can never climb out of. They put on a smile and fake it. I know, because that was me.  Every day I wished for a change, but left like it would never happen. I longed to feel better, to be happier. Overweight and finding fault with every glance in the mirror. But day after day I would continue making the same choices that lead me to the place I was in.

I was choosing the harder hard.

Hotmess is hard. It is physically, mentally, and emotionally hard. You push yourself further than you thought you could go. You reach down inside and harness that force within you and you rise. One more burpee may as well be Everest, but you close your eyes and finish. You are faced with the amazing power within you and you have to chose to embrace it, to let it shine. You fight to erase all those words you spoke or thought in the midst of your misery.

You decide you are ready to accept that the change will be hard and you do it anyway.

Hotmess is the easier hard. The good hard. You have to decide you are willing to do the work and then go to work. Don’t think, just do! Hotmess is the kind of hard that leaves you covered in sweat and smiling.

It sounds sappy and unreal, but believe me it is true. Hotmess is magical! I completely changed way of thinking after only months of fully committing to the process. And I am not the only one, Hotmess is full of women that have seen the change in them too!

So take action!! Decide that today is the day you finally take that first step!