Last week the challenge to start or continue a grateful journal was issued. I hope you are taking the challenge and committing to it! You will start to see things shift if you fully invest in it, I know you will!

This week I want to take it one step further. I want you to take those words you have written and express that gratitude. If you are thankful for your mom, tell her. If you are grateful for your friend, tell them. If you appreciate the kindness of a stranger, tell them!

Share the love and gratitude!!

How many times do we hear of times when a loved one is gone and those around them were left with things that had gone unsaid? Don’t let that happen! We never know what could happen. We never know if this time is the last time. Plus think about how good we can make someone else feel by telling them we are grateful for them. Who doesn’t love hearing that?

Here are just a few proven benefits to expressing gratitude (according to Forbes):

  • More relationships! People are drawn to those that are kind and grateful. You never know you might meet by just saying a little thank you!
  • Improvements in physical health!! If you are grateful for the body you have  don’t you think you would be better at taking care of it?
  • Better psychological health!! Expressing gratitude forces toxic emotions like regret, envy, and frustration out to make room for the blissful feeling of gratitude!
  • Increases empathy and reduces aggression!
  • Sleep better!! Write in those grateful journals before bed and get comfortable, you will find you sleep better and probably longer.
  • Improved self-esteem!! If you are grateful for what you have been blessed with you are less likely to compare it with what others have. Less comparison equals recognizing how awesome you truly are!!
  • Increase in mental strength!! Gratitude reduces stress and builds up mental resilience!

So take this new challenge! Instead of nagging or complaining take a minute and express gratitude for someone or something! It truly is amazing, no go…Try it!