If you follow Hotmess Fitness on Instagram (link on the side) you have hopefully noticed that we have a Tia’s Tip Tuesday. Today’s tip is all about making everything a work out. You can’t spend all day at Hotmess, but you can take Hotmess with you.

While doing dishes you can squeeze your core, tighten those abs!

While folding clothes you can tighten your glutes and do a few squats.

While playing with your kids you can do bicep curls or use a child as a weight and get some lifting done.

Or even set a goal to do 25 squats after each bathroom trip or hold a plank before bed. Get creative! There are so many ways to incorporate fitness into your whole day!

Last week’s tip was about keeping your core tight while holding a plank on the ball. Don’t let your back sag!! Holding it in tight reduces the risk of injury and strengthens your core. Pull your belly button to your spine and hold that plank!!